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Artificial Intelligence for Lawyers, Investigators, and Researchers

LawRobot is a consultant and developer of artificial intelligence technology for uses that are relevant to the legal profession. We are located in Northern California. Please contact us below to discuss how we can assist you. LawRobot™ consulting and development products and services are currently focused on:


  • Analyzing caselaw, contracts, statutes, communications, and legal documents with deep learning using machine learning, OpenAI, GPT, AI APIs, and other technologies

  • Creating chat bots to help streamline legal communications, document drafting, and decision making

  • Building intelligent voice acquisition apps using Amazon Echo and similar technologies from Google and Apple to enhance access to the law

  • Designing expert systems and artificial intelligence as a cloud service to allow lawyers to create their own applications with no programming leveraging their expertise as legal knowledge engineers

  • Programming and consulting on AI applications for the legal community and courts

  • Developing best practices to use artificial intelligence responsibly as the technology evolves

Let us know how we can work together

LawRobot™ is interested in hearing from:


  • law firms and other organizations who need our consulting assistance with AI development and

  • companies with synergistic AI technologies to license

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